Friday, November 30, 2007

Global Warming

Okay, now let’s try to talk about a more serious matter. I’m quite bored writing on just the same things all over again, so why not try something new. This time I would like to talk about global warming.

I chose this topic simply because I am fully aware that this is not good at all. I mean, I’ve done some research on global warming a few months ago (for my EST class) and I don’t like what I read. The first thing I got to know is that global warming is a slight increase in temperature around the globe. Maybe those who live in the Artic think that a few increases in degree Celsius might be pleasant, but scientists keep worrying. Even some of the coldest places in Siberia experience increase in temperature. And these little changes give humongous impact on the world.

Global warming causes the ice shelves to break. This will consequently made the sea level increase too. I don’t watch news that much but I think this is the reason why some low-lying countries got flooded nowadays. Flood is not a good thing as it will not just take away people’s life but also damage their properties.

Recently, I watch a documentary on National Geographic and it seems that the wildlife in the North Pole is affected too. Without ice, animals like the polar bear and seal will have difficulties to survive. This is just an example in a small part of the world. What about those in other regions? Of course they will naturally get used to it over time. That’s the use of evolution. But how can we be certain that these animals are able to evolve before they become extinct? That is a question that we should bear in mind.

Maybe you don’t really care about some wildlife that you never even heard of or never get the chance to know about due to your busy life. (I know some people like this) Would you change your perception if I tell you that global warming also causes other changes such as rainfall pattern and increases in the range of disease vectors? Some of these changes will somehow affect our economy. Hey, here I come, a fresh high school graduate trying to talk about economy! Well, I have to say that I don’t know that much and I don’t have any data to convince you. But believe me that the agricultural industry will be affected. And that means that we will become short of food. And that will lead to higher price market. Of course that we have genetically modified food that is resistant to this and that, but these foods are costly too, right? And in the end who will starve to death? The answer to this question got to be the poor and those who live in the third-world countries. Hey, this is an endless problem.

I’m sure you are tired with this article. You might say ‘Why should I read what a kid has to say about such a global problem that many world leaders can’t solve?’

Well, I can’t solve the problem alone. But I can do my part, although just a tiny part, but I believe that this will cause a huge impact somehow. First of all, I tried to raise awareness about global warming and its effects. I always talk about this matter that sometimes I irritated my friends. p/s: SORRY! Secondly, knowing that one of the causes of global warming is the release of greenhouse gases, I tried my best to do my part. I cycle instead on riding a motorcycle or using cars. I make sure that the refrigerator in my house is closed tightly and I don’t open the door too long. I recycle newspaper, glass and any other recyclable items. (Hey, I got money in return, so this is fun). I’m sure there’s a lot more that I can do. I’m sure, you, my readers can do the same too.

We can’t afford to lose the Earth due to our own carelessness and ignorance. Play your part and save our world.

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