Friday, November 30, 2007

because believing is beautiful

I know that everyone can say that they believe in God, but to me, we believe in God by not just our words, but also our heart and our actions. Action speaks louder than word, right? Basically, there are 6 articles of belief in Islam - One God, prophets as messengers, holy books, angels, judgment day and fate. For me, believing in them can lead to a happy life. For example, when I believe in the existence of God who made the entire universe, who wants me to good things, then I've known my purpose in life. When I believe in the prophet, then I can trust and follow his way. When I believe in the holy book, I'll read it and think about it, and discover the truth easily. When I believe in angels, who will look at everything I do, then I'll never do something shameful or bad. When I believe in fate, then I don't have to feel sad when I lost something or someone. I can understand why many people said that it is foolish to practice good moral values in modern days because the world is controlled by greedy people. However, as a person who believes in the judgment day, I never intend to compromise my moral values. I think that we should be the best person we can be as we have been given only one chance to live, and that's it. I think that my life is only for God, who made me who I am, who gave me everything I have. I pray to God that I won't forget who I am and my promise to God. And I think it is easy to be me, when I believe in God. And that is Allah The Almighty.

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