Saturday, February 17, 2007

Is this you?

I’ll start this entry with a story about a girl I know who seems to be happy all the time, even though she always gets sick. She has some sort of problem with her immune system. The doctor confirmed that her body is lacking of white blood cells. I will feel bad and not in the mood every time I get flu, I can’t understand why she is ok with that. I asked her what her secret is. She said that “When you’ve been used to the worst condition, it doesn’t bother you anymore. I’m grateful that I’m still alive.”
I’m stumbled. Her statement gave me an idea to write about ungrateful people who take things for granted. Take a look at the poor people who are used to just eat whatever they had on their plate, compared to those rich people who refuse to eat and throw away their food just because the food in dining hall (in our school) doesn’t fit their taste. I hate this kind of people. They are not grateful of what they have. Some of my friends said that they are afraid to have their breakfast, or lunch or even dinner with me because I’ll force them to finish everything on their tray. It’s not my fault. Is it really hard to just eat?
What about the people who don’t know to reduce the usage of water and electricity. Living in Malaysia, of course we don’t have to face the high bills, YET! Aren’t you people aware of the cost for purifying water and also the cost of generating electricity? I’m disappointed in some people, students of MARA especially when they are not thinking of the money wasted to pay the bills. It’s not their money, but the citizens’ money. Not just those students actually. Let’s face it- a lot of Malaysians are doing the same thing.
And the most ungrateful thing is when some people waste their time fooling around when they are supposed to strive hard and make their parents proud. If you think you’re one of them, ask your parents of how much did they spent on your education. Or if you are smart, just count the school fees, tuition fees, books and your pocket money that they have given to you from standard one until you’ve finish school and then university. It isn’t cheap.
I’m expressing my concern in my blog. Sorry if it bothers you, my readers. I hope that some people will take their time to think of my point. That’s all.