Saturday, December 2, 2006

Truth is bitter, NOT!

Have you ever felt something weird enough, that your brain is getting too much nerve and from the bottom of your heart, it feels so wrong? Wow, it’s a long question. Seriously, have you?

Well, I have. And here is a story about ME! (Funny, I sounded like Kuzco). About 2 years ago, my teacher said something (as usual) in the assembly. And that time he was talking about the importance of making early preparation for an exam. He said something about you will never know if you are going to be sick on the day before the exam, so it is better to start revising now.

I never intended to make fun of his advice but I basically did that. I said I never have a problem to ace my exam even if I did my revision the day before an exam. My bad, I know. Everything went wrong from then on. I always get fever during exam weeks; it is so bad that I couldn’t pay much attention on the books, and worst, I couldn't answer properly because all I want is to rest.

You can’t imagine how bad it feels during the end of the year exam, then PMR, and you know what, this year, I got fever 5 times (during all 5 exam)! I don’t know whether it has something to do with my rudeness or maybe just because I’m weak. All I can think about is that God wants to show me that being rude is NO GOOD.

I started to feel guilty when I realized the fact that maybe it would hurt the teacher’s feeling if he had heard me at that time. I told my mom about this and she suggested me to tell him the truth and say that I’m sorry. It’s kind of hard since I’ve transferred to MJSC Taiping, so I’ll have to go to his house. Of course it will be easier to just give him a call, but I don’t think that it is a good idea.

I never got the chance until yesterday. I was there, right in front of his house. He was just home after the Friday’s prayer. I greeted him and told everything, and I apologized. He smiled and didn’t show any sign of anger. I wasn’t paying much attention because I was busy restraining myself from crying but I think he said something like he would forgive everyone before going to bed everyday because we would never know when we’ll die. Maybe you don’t see the connection, but I do.

He said not to worry since he has forgiven me a long time ago. It is a relief and you can’t imagine how great it felt. People say that truth is bitter. I don’t think so because it is SWEET!

To all of you out there, I advice you to spill out the truth; it really lowers your burden. And please be careful and think more than twice before you say something. Who knows you might get into trouble, just like I did.

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