Saturday, December 9, 2006

... not GOOD ENOUGH!

Imagine things like this in your life. First, you got a few A's in the final exam. Maybe you think that it is not so bad. Let’s twist this story a little bit by imagining you, in spite of those A's; you also got a D, in history!!!!!

Or try this- you hang out with your friends. You know that your parents are not going to like it as your friends here, enjoy loitering in the malls, smoking, and generally do stupid things. Your mom’s friend saw you one day. To make things spicy, she is not just telling your mom, she tells everyone- so much like CNN really.

Nightmare huh? Let’s not stop there. Think of how your parents might react. They might scold you or stop giving you allowance, or even worst, you’re grounded for life.

In this situation, should you blame others- Teachers; Friends; Your parents; God; or the CNN Auntie? Hey, what about yourself?

I don’t think that blaming others or yourself is really the right thing to do. You can’t blame your parents. Of course they are mad of you when they have spent a lot of money on your education- school fees, private tuition, books, school needs. They are not cheap you know. How do you repay them? Bad grade is it? No way. Repay them with those annoying words from the CNN auntie? I don’t think so.

You can’t blame your friends too. They have no right to force you to join them. Why hanging out with the useless friends in the first place. If they should not be blamed, then is it the teachers? The answer is absolutely not. If you are the one who never finishes the homework, who always disturbs the class or never show up at school, I can’t see the rational of blaming the teachers.

I’m posting this not to under estimate you, my fellow friends. I just want you to realize that the world does not care to help you unless you want to help yourself first. If you think that you have done your best, please REMEMBER this- it is still not GOOD ENOUGH!

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