Wednesday, November 22, 2006


One day, I went back to hostel as usual after school is over. I went to pick up my towel which was hanging outside and I saw some of my friends were surrounding something. My curiosity led me closer to them, and soon enough I was right in the middle of them. My heart was like being struck by lightning to see a helpless, tiny bat in the drain. The drain was full of water because it rained in the morning. The bat even broke one of its wings. My friends were trying to get it out of there but all of them were too afraid to touch it by bare hand.

I have a passion for wild creatures that I quickly got the bat out of the drain without even thinking of it as a threat. I put it aside and went inside to get ready for prep class. However, I couldn’t just leave the poor creature there, so I decided to take care of it. I fed it with some nuts before I left it under my bed. Only then, I went to class again.

I doubted that it could survive after I heard my friend’s confession. She said that the bat was flying in her dorm and scared some girls. Somehow they hit the bat, and it hit the fan which is the reason why its wing was broken. Then, they threw the poor creature outside of the window. What? Their dorm is on the second floor. That was a pretty cruel act.

My heart was pounding hard during the prep class. I dashed back to the hostel when the bell rang. And I couldn’t control myself when I saw it not moving anymore. It’s dead. I guess it couldn’t survive after spending a few hours in the drain, with broken wing, cold and definitely no food. I touched the dead body for the last time and examined its anatomy before I left it on the backyard of our hostel. I’m not sure but I think it is the Malayan Flying Fox, but it was quite small. Anyway, I lost the most wonderful creature that I’ve ever got involve with.

I think that people should really start to develop their love for animals. If I’m correct that it is a Malayan Flying Fox, then you should know that the population of these bats is declining in most countries due to hunting and urbanization. These animals are hunted for food and medical purposes. Farmers kill them as pests, for they sometimes feast on planted fruit, causing extensive damage to plantations. They are also killed by people who fear them as carriers of disease. So, why hurt even one of them?


  1. I’ve high passion of wild creatures that I quickly get the bat out of the drain without even thinking of it as a treat.

    Ahem2,there's a mistake.Observe the word treat.The real word should be threat which I can't explain the meaning in English but means "ancaman" in bahasa.I think you mispell it somehow?

  2. Well, it looks like you're enjoying your payback time, right Aisya? I'll take note of that, and I'll check my post for any mispell before publishing. Thanks because I know you care ;p